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Before and After

Below we share some of our projects in exterior cleaning. This showcases some badly kept surfaces and them to be transformed by us! We also post all transformations on our TikTok @lrsexteriorcleaning

Before work...
After work...
Before work...
After work...
Dirty Steps before a clean
Clean steps after washing.
Dirty patio in a garden before work.chemical and clean.
Clean patio after being chemically cleaned
Here is another patio which had black and white spots.
Here is the patio after being cleaned.
Chemical applied to patio
After washing off the chemical, here is the final result.
Dirty path in a garden which hasn't ever been cleaned.
Here is the pathway all cleaned up.

If you are looking to get your exterior clean and tidy, why not check out the services we offer or give us a call on 07539282657

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