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Here is a marble patio which is clean.

Available Services

Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Any Oil, black spots, white spots, stains or marks can all be removed with us. We aim to leave you amazed with the transformation of your Patio or Driveway. With our expertise knowledge, we can have any surface looking spotless.

Roof Clean and Biocide

Moss can be a dull feature on a roof and ultimately cause damage to the roof. With our scrape/pressure wash and Biocide treatment, we remove all moss and apply Biocide to eliminate any organic regrowth for up to two years.

Window Cleaning

A full valet of your windows and frames leaving them looking new. We want to offer a full detail to ensure the windows look new. Framework is very important as It highlights the area around the glass.

Gutter Cleans

Gutters can be an issue that can be  taken care of by us. We remove all debris in the gutters and give them a clean down to ensure there is no build-up in the near future. We use a vacuum to ensure we are safe and not working off ladders.

Fascia's and Sofits

All the dirt that surrounds your home will be gone! We work hard to ensure the property is looking clean and fresh around the gutters and boards of your home.


Cleaning decking can be the sparkle you didn't know you needed in your garden. Decking gets a lot of build up from years of use but with our services it can look brand new!

Check out some of our recent work HERE

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